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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decisions, decisions!

After dealing with the same soreness yesterday (although it wasn't as bad as it was on Saturday) I have decided to rest for a few more days than normal...maybe even a week. I am just going to try to let my legs completely heal before running again. I made this decision last night and it depressed me so much! Andy was wondering what was wrong with me because I was acting so sad. I just feel bad because I have been so committed and so excited about running and now I am being set back. But I really feel like my legs need to be sore free before I run again. That way I can judge whether or not the new arch supports are helping solve the problem. It was hard to tell for sure when I ran on Tuesday because I was running on legs that were still sore AND I was running on a different terrain (treadmill) than what I have been. I am sooo hoping things are going to get better. I just want to enjoy running like I did the first week!!!

So I am not sure when I will run next...if I give it a week it will be Tuesday. If I am pain free on Sunday, I may give it a shot then. We will see!



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