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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 2 Day 2...

I have had a little bit of soreness yesterday in a weird spot. It is in the same spot on both my legs...under my knee to the side on the inside part of my leg. Not sure why I am sore there this week and not last week. I guess my muscles are getting used to this running thing.

Anyway, I ran in the morning today. Andy informed me last night that he was going to have to work late tonight so I decided to wake up early and get my run in. It was a little harder for me. I am not used to running on an empty stomach. I did eat a banana and drink about half a bottle of water before I ran but it was still a little harder. Plus my legs were still sore. The good news though is that I made it! And it was beautiful watching the sunrise this morning! I plan on running Saturday afternoon again..will update then.



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