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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween and Birthday Fun!

Yes I know I normally do Fitness Friday today but I'm skipping it this week (hope you don't mind) and telling you all about my Halloween and birthday fun! Lots and lots and lots of pics so get ready! :-)

Halloween is also my hubby's birthday! He never wants anything so it's always hard to buy him gifts. So I always try to remember when he says he wants something or wants to do something. I remember a while back he said he wanted to go to a University of South Alabama football game. He got his engineering degree from there and back then they didn't have a football team (they only had one the past few years). And we haven't been to a game for his birthday I got him tickets to this weekend's game and a new South Alabama shirt! I think he was surprised!

After birthday presents it was time for trick or treating with friends!

My little Captain America and Spiderman!

Yes...I totally dressed up as Wonder Woman with my boys! (The hubby wouldn't dress!)

Me with my birthday man!


Hayden doing his Captain America pose! Lol!

We have the best neighborhood for trick or treating. Tons of people that don't live there come to our neighborhood every year for Halloween. My friend Stephanie and her family came and brought 3 other families with them! So we had a ton of kids here! And that made it sooo much fun!

Finally it was time to go! They all bombarded the first house!!!

The boys with their best buds Sydney and Zoë (aka Merida and Rapunzel)!

And Sawyer and Zoë found one of their classmates when we were trick or treating!

Some of the houses in our neighborhood go all out with their decorations!

But the last house we hit every year is amazing with their decorations! They make a walk through in their front yard...with all kinds of decorations! It is awesome! Last year Sawyer was too scared to go through it but this year he did it!!! And yes...these pictures were seriously taken at that one house!

We all had a blast trick or treating! And there is more candy in my house than I like! The boys only got a few healthier house gave out cheez its and animal crackers. Another house gave out packs of wheat crackers with cheese. And guess what my boys went for first? Yep! The healthier options...yay!

Yesterday was MY birthday! I got a nice wake up that morning with my boys getting into bed with me and hugging me and telling me happy birthday! Awesome way to wake up! Then my friend Stephanie took me out to lunch at the Sugar Kettle Cafe. It's one of my favorite restaurants...they cook southern homecooked meals. And guess what I got? Fried chicken, field peas, and mashed potatoes and gravy! 

Hey I can indulge on my birthday! (And I'm using the excuse that I need to carb up for Saturday's 16 mile run!!! )

After lunch I headed to the hospital to visit my friend Katrina...she had her second baby girl last night! Remember she ran a half marathon about a month ago? She's amazing! Little Miriam (how cute is that name?!) is sooo precious! 

Last night Andy's sister came over to watch the boys so Andy and I could go out to dinner! We went to a steak house and had steak. I haven't had a steak in forever! We ordered a porterhouse for was a 30 oz. steak that we shared. It was huge!

And no we didn't finish it all! We brought home the leftovers! 

It was a great day! Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and here on the blog! You all know how to make a girl feel loved!!! :-)

QOTD: Do you decorate for Halloween?



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