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Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's My Birthday!!!

Yes it is! I am officially another year older! But age is just a number right? I've already celebrated some this past weekend so I thought I would share that with you! And tonight my hubby is taking me out for dinner with no kids...yay!!!

Friday night I went to my best friend Rhonda's house for a sleepover (yes I know I am an adult but I can still have a sleepover) while my hubby and the boys went camping. Rhonda cooked me dinner...some of my favorite foods...chicken noodle soup, lima beans, and cornbread. All carbs I know but it was good! She also baked me my favorite cake...made from scratch red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! It was a very good thing I ran 10 miles that morning!!!

Rhonda's son Terry and I had to lick the cake batter! Did you do this as a kid? I know they say not to due to the eggs but we couldn't resist!

Cakes coming out of the oven....sooo good!

Blowing out my candles (I know there's only 4 lol)!

Hey! These things aren't blowing out!

Do you like my look for Terry when I realize he bought me trick candles? Those things were sparking even! I should have known lol!

The BEST cake ever!!!

After dinner and cake we watched "The Hunger Games" movie! Rhonda had not seen it yet and she didn't have to twist my arm to watch it! ;-) Thanks so much Rhonda and Terry for making my early birthday celebration so special!!! Love you both!!!

The next night my two sisters came into town. My sister Christy's birthday was last week so we went out to dinner to celebrate both our birthdays! We went to our favorite pizza place and had my favorite! Then we headed to the coffee shop for some coffee. It was awesome to celebrate with my sisters! I don't get to see Amy as often as I get to see Christy right now so it was really special having her here.

Me and Christy!

Me and Amy!

Birthday coffee is always the best!

What do I have planned for actual birthday? Well I am going to lunch with my friend Paige and then dinner tonight with my husband. I'm not sure what else the day will hold but I'm going to enjoy it!!!

QOTD: How do you celebrate your birthday?



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