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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

365 Days of RUNNING!!!

Well you read it right! I have been run streaking for 365 days! That's a whole year y'all! I started my run streak last summer with the Runner's World Summer Run Streak. It was my third time participating in the run streak. Usually when the streak is over I'm so ready. But this time...I wasn't ready to stop. So I kept going. At first I had a goal of 100 days. But when I met that goal...I still didn't want to stop. So then I went for 200....same thing. I wasn't ready to quit yet. I decided I may as well go big and go for a whole year. Let me say that I CANNOT BELIEVE I have made it!!!!

I had several struggles along the way. I ran through a calf strain injury (I DID have permission to run from my doctor...he said I could only run one milers until I healed) and a hip injury.

I ran in hotel parking lots, an airport terminal, at the beach, across the country in California, in Disney World, and in wee hours of the morning.

I ran in 4 different states during the streak.

I ran in super hot and humid weather, rain, and super cold weather.

Every single run was done outside. I don't own a treadmill or have access to one so I had no other choice then to do it outside.

I ran when I was tired, when I didn't want to run, when I was happy, and when I was sick.

I got faster. I've PRed every distance I ran during the streak....5K, 10K, and half marathon...the most amazing PR being a sub 2 half marathon which I've achieved TWICE since the streak started!

Streaking has definitely made me a better runner. It has made me stronger. It has made me feel healthier than I've ever felt. And all it took was running at least one mile every single day.

Sooo....when I reached that 365th day....of course I wanted to CELEBRATE!!! Because running every day for an entire year is a big deal!

Have I ever told you that I have the BEST running friends in the entire world??? My Sole2Soul Sisters are amazing! They came to my house on Sunday to run 3.65 miles with me in celebration!

Before the run they dressed me up in crazy sunglasses, a glittery sash, fairy wings, and a princess crown! My friend Susan gave me a Starbucks gift card! Of course I had to have a before picture. And yes...I RAN my 3.65 miles with all of that on lol! We got some crazy stares from people in cars passing by. And we even got some cheers from a man who was in his front yard as we ran by! So much fun!!!

The goal of this run was to celebrate! I wasn't trying to run fast. I just wanted to run with all my friends! During the run we talked about taking a mid run selfie. But I told them I had to run the minimum one mile before I could stop for a selfie. Those are the streaking rules! I LOVE how the picture turned out! It looks like I have my own entourage! :-)

Before I knew it my 3.65 mile run was done! And I had run for 365 DAYS!!!!!

And look at my Garmin! (several people noticed this on Facebook and Instagram!) I not only ran 3.65 miles but look at my time....36.51!!!! How cool is that? I was asked if I planned that...I assure you I did not! But what a fun coincidence!

My loving husband came out to greet us all after the run. My streak would not have been possible without his incredible support! He always encourages me to go after my goals!

And I can't thank these incredible friends enough! They made my day sooo special! It meant the world to me having them all there celebrating with me! (Several of them are streaking as well so I can't wait to celebrate with them when they reach a year!)

And these two! Jenny and Andria! They have been such a tremendous part of my streak! They have run long runs with me! They have run races with me! They have PRed with me! They have encouraged me in so many ways! Love them both so much and am so thankful and blessed to call them my friends!

And of course we celebrated with donuts! Jenny brought us chocolate and powdered donuts! Yum!

3 6 5 DAYS!!!!!

And for those number freaks (like me!) here are my stats from my year of running:

996.16 miles, 94,832 calories burned, and 19 pounds lost!!!! know I really wanted to go run another 4 miles to make it to 1000 miles...but I am still playing it safe with my hip. It's feeling so much better and I didn't want to risk it. 

So...where do I go from here? I'm going to continue to streak!!! I'm not sure for how long. I don't have a goal in mind at the moment. But I'm still loving running everyday so I'm going to keep going! It has become such a part of my life and my daily routine that I can't imagine not running everyday. 

Thank you all so much for all of your encouragement along this journey! You are all amazing!!!!!

QOTD: Have you ever done a run streak?



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