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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Glass Slipper Challenge Training Week 2!

Currently Training For:
Double Bridge Run 15K
Disney Princess 5K
Disney Enchanted 10K
Disney Princess Half Marathon

Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon (Use the code ROADRUNNERGIRL15 to save $15 off)

This past weekend I was supposed to run 7 miles. But the day before my long run my back started hurting. I had no idea what I had done to it. I wasn't sure how running was going to feel. 

I didn't worry too much about missing the miles if I needed to (as long as I got in at least one mile for my streak of course) because I had run 5.25 miles on Thanksgiving Day. So I knew that run could count as my long run for the week if I needed it to. 

I decided to run by myself instead of with Jenny. That way if I needed to stop it wouldn't mess up her run too. 

My plan was to run at least 3 miles. If I could go 6 then I would. I decided I would wait and do 7 miles next week. That's the beauty of making your own training can tweak it if you need to!!!

The first mile started out a little rough. I could feel the tightness in my back. I told myself I was going to make it to 3 miles for sure. But then I would reevaluate. 

Luckily by mile 2 the back had loosened up! I made it to mile 3 in a nearby neighborhood and decided I was going to keep going.

It was a gorgeous day! The air was cool and not too hot although I slept in and didn't start running until 7:45AM!

Mile 4 came and went in a flash! I knew then that I was going to try for 6 miles! I turned on one of my favorite roads and braced myself for the hill. I was hoping the hill wouldn't make my back start hurting. didn't! Yay!

Before long I made it to mile 6...and of course I had to go ahead and run 6.2 since I was so close!

The run was done! My back felt great! And I had an awesome run!!!! I looked down at my Garmin and realized I was only 2 seconds from my 10K PR!!!! Wow!!!!

That run was definitely not what I was expecting. I thought for sure at the beginning that my back wasn't going to allow me to run long. But it did. And luckily...the back has been getting better and better each day! Yay!!! So hopefully next week I will be able to tackle the 7 miles I was supposed to do this week! ;-)

QOTD: Have you ever had a run surprise you?



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