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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Glass Slipper Challenge Training Week 6!

Currently Training For:
Double Bridge Run 15K
Disney Princess 5K
Disney Enchanted 10K
Disney Princess Half Marathon

Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon (Use the code ROADRUNNERGIRL15 to save $15 off)

This week's training schedule called for 9 miles! Luckily Jenny was feeling better and could run with me! Her hubby Eric had to run 20 miles for his marathon training so he ran some of it with us!

We decided to change our route some. We headed to the next town over to run. This is one of my favorite routes. We start and end by the bay! 

I woke up that morning to weather that was not great for a long run. It was 71 degrees and 100% humidity! Yikes! At least I was going to have good company!

I wasn't real sure how this run would go. The day before was Christmas Day so I ate all kinds of Christmas food. I also didn't eat my normal pre run pizza the night before. I was hoping I would have the fuel I needed to run 9 miles.

Jenny was kind enough to drop water for us at mile 4.5 the day before. I was very thankful for that!

The run started out great! But it didn't take long for us to start sweating buckets! It was so hot and humid! We kept each other's minds off the run by talking. We talked about our Christmas. And tons of other things as well. That's one thing Jenny and I don't have a problem with...having things to talk about lol! 

Before long we had made it halfway and to our water stop! Of course we had to take a few pics before starting the run again!

And Jenny put our names on our water bottles! We are a prince and princesses in training you know!!!

We took a selfie with Eric. He was going to keep going and we were turning around to head back. I was very thankful to only have 4.5 miles to go. Eric still had 15.5 miles! 

Jenny and I headed back. We struggled this last half. It was so hot and humid. It was hard to breathe. But we knew we could do it. It made us pray that Princess weekend isn't hot and humid though. Last year the half was pretty hot. Hopefully it will be nice and cool.

Finally we reached the bay again. That meant we only had about half a mile to go. I picked it up for a strong finish. 9 miles...DONE!!! And at a decent pace for such awful weather conditions!

We are so very blessed to have such beautiful scenery to run by! I just love living on the Gulf Coast!!!

And I'm so very thankful to have such an amazing friend to run with! So blessed to have Jenny in my life! And I'm so excited we will be running Princess together!!!

This run may have been a struggle but I looked pretty cute! My hubby got me this new Lululemon skirt for Christmas! I LOVE it! And Jenny made my day when she said the color combo I chose looked like Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)!!!

After our run we had some time until Eric would be finished with his run. So what are two princesses to do? Get Starbucks coffee of course! And it was the perfect treat after those hard 9 miles!

After our coffee we both thought that the run wasn't so bad. It's funny how coffee and being done with the run can change your perspective lol!

Another training run in the books! 

QOTD: What has the weather been like where you live? Are you experiencing normal winter weather? Or abnormal hot weather?



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