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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Overcome Long Run Boredom!

It's no secret that I enjoy running long distances over shorter ones. There's just something about being out there on the road for a long amount of time and just letting your body feel the run! It always takes me 3-4 miles to get warmed up so I do not enjoy short runs as much.

But...running long distances can get boring at times no matter how much you love it! Here are some ways that I overcome the long run boredom!

  • Run With Friends. I rarely run a long run alone. I try to plan my long runs around the times when my running friends are also running. We call it therapy! We run, talk, and laugh! It's my girl time!
  • Listen to Music. I only run with music when I'm running solo. I've been known to listen to several movie or television Frozen, Twilight, and my new favorite, Nashville! I also love listening to praise and worship music while I run. 
  • Pray. When I'm running alone I love to take the time and pray to God. I feel closer to Him when I am running in the beautiful world He created. It helps pass the time because it's just like I'm talking to a friend.
  • Play Games. My friend Paige introduced me to the Alphabet Game on one of our race road trips. This is a game where you find words or objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet. My boys love playing it in the car. When I'm running long I will find myself playing this game to help keep my mind off the miles. I also like the Counting Game...where I count lightpoles, mailboxes, cracks in the sidewalk, etc.
  • Listen to an Audiobook. This is one of my favorite things to do when I am running a long run by myself. It really helps pass the time...and miles...because I am so focused on what is happening in the book instead of how many miles I have left to run. 

These are the things I do to help myself get through those long runs that can be boring! 

QOTD: How do you overcome long run boredom? Any ideas I didn't mention?



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