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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Weekly Chase #59!

What a great weekend! I had an amazing time with my Valentine on Friday night! We went to one of the local fine dining restaurants and it was amazing! And I got to enjoy my food twice! I LOVE leftovers! Thanks to my church's monthly parents night out we were able to go on our Valentine's date. And the boys had a blast playing at church!

Saturday I ran a long run with my Sole2Soul Sisters and then had breakfast with them! The rest of the day was spent with my amazing family! I just love my boys (sons and handsome hubby)! Sunday we had the boys' Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts! They had fun cooking finger foods with Daddy...and I enjoyed not being allowed to help! ;-)

Now it's time for another Weekly ChaseI'm ready to tell you all about my goals for this week! I hope you will link up your own goals with me too!

Road Runner Girl

Here are my goals from last week and how I did with them!

  • Goal #1: Recover from my half. I feel like I did well with this! I didn't run at all last week to give my legs some rest. I ran a long run on Saturday but took it easy.
  • Goal #2: Roll and stretch daily. Mostly. I missed a few days.
  • Goal #3: Write my Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans recap. Yes! If you missed it you can read it HERE!
  • Goal #4: Watch my food portions. I did pretty well with this until this weekend came along. I ate entirely too much this weekend. :-(

Here are the goals I am chasing this week!

Goal #1: Run at least two times. I really need to get back into a consistent routine with my running. Ever since my knee injury I haven't gotten back into my schedule. My friend Paige is leading a Sole2Soul Sisters training group for a local 10K. They will be running on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings and I've committed to be there to help. That will help me get back into a routine too. I am also planning on trying to get at least a 2 miler in on Thursdays after work and before my boys get off the bus. 

Goal #2: Roll and stretch daily. Must keep this up in the effort to stay non injured!

Goal #3: Write my Biggest Loser RunWalk Half Marathon recap. I'm excited to tell you all about this race and my new PR!!!

Goal #4: Watch my food portions and decrease my snacking after dinner. I've got to get my food intake under control. Some of my blogger friends have started a food accountability group and I'm hoping we can all help each other with our eating habits. I know one of my biggest problems is snacking after dinner. I'm not hungry at this time....I just like to snack. There's no reason to add these extra calories in every night. 

That's my plan for the week! 

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QOTD: What are your goals this week?



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