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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

6 Miles By the Bay!

I only have one more race this racing season...the Crescent City Classic 10K on Easter weekend. This race was a blast last year and I'm excited to run it again with my friend Paige! It will be a great end to the racing season for me! It's already way too hot to race so this one will be all about fun and watching the drunk people (it's in New Orleans) lol!

So this past weekend I decided to run 6 miles. There was a group of my Sole2Soul Sisters that were running down by the bay so I decided to join them. I always love that route.

I was a little worried about my right knee and left shin during this run. That past week both had been hurting or aching some. It was time for new shoes so I got some and had them on for this run.

The run started out fine. The knee didn't hurt at all....the shin hurt a little. But after I got warmed up the shin didn't hurt anymore. I made one mistake though....I started out running way too fast. At the 3 mile mark we had a quick stop for water and then turned around to head back.

I decided to run a little slower the last half. Actually I was forced to run a little slower because I knew I wasn't going to make it if I ran that fast. But about mile 5 I had to take a walk break. I was struggling. It was hot. It was humid. And my legs were just tired. I think they were still trying to recover from the half marathon I had run the weekend before. Luckily my friend Mindy was sweet enough to stay with me. I took one more walk break before finishing the run. I was definitely glad to be done with this one!

As I said earlier, I LOVE this route! It is beautiful! I stopped for a few pictures after the run. I am so blessed to live in such a gorgeous place!

So yes. This run definitely wasn't a great one. But I was happy to get in the miles. I fought my way through it and made it to the end!

The rest of the day consisted of spending time with the family at the Cub Scouts campout! :-)

QOTD: Do you ever start out your runs too fast and then have no gas left at the end?



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