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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crescent City Classic Expo!

This past weekend I ran the Crescent City Classic 10K in New Orleans! I love this race! It is always so much fun and a great end to my racing season (way too hot for racing after April here on the Gulf Coast). Today I'm going to tell you all about the expo!

Me, my friend Paige, and her boyfriend Billy arrived in New Orleans a little later than expected but with plenty of time to hit up the expo and enjoy it.

First thing we went and grabbed our race number. The CCC has colored bibs for the different corrals. Paige and I put the same finish time when we registered so I was confused when my bib was a different color than hers and considered a "walker" corral! What??? I was not a walker but a runner! I was told to go to runner solutions where they would put me in the correct corral. The volunteer was super nice. She scanned my bib and said, "Are you Mindy Jones?" Um no! Mindy Bobe! They had given me the wrong bib! Luckily it was fixed quickly and I was given the correct bib!

Then we set out to find Larisa and Melanie. They were hanging out at the Community Coffee truck where we scored a free t-shirt and a free cup of coffee!

I always love seeing blends (blogger friends)!

Then it was time to get our race t-shirts and SHOP! This expo is fairly big for a 10K race! We had fun looking at all the booths. It was a runner's shopping paradise!

And then we got our traditional pictures with our race bibs!

After the expo we headed about 45 minutes away to Paige's Mom's house where we were staying for the night. Gotta love a free place to stay! I took my traditional flat Road Runner Girl!

And Paige had fun taking a picture of me taking a picture of my flat Road Runner Girl lol! Hey...the bed was really tall and I am really short. I did what I had to to capture this shot...for you guys! I did it all for you! ;-)

We got into bed a little later than we would have wanted but it was ok. I had brought my air mattress with me...only to wake up in the middle of the night with my hip hurting....because the air mattress was losing air! I was literally sleeping on the floor! :-( So it wasn't a great night of sleep for me but I was super excited about the race so waking up wasn't too bad. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for my race recap!

QOTD: How do you sleep the night before a race? Do you sleep well or are you too excited to sleep?



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