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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10K With a Lot of Talk!

Saturday was my first long run since returning home from California. I was a little worried about this run for several reasons. First...I was running at 6:30 AM and my body still wasn't all the way adjusted to my time zone yet. Second...I would be running in the heat and humidity. My body got used to the 50 degree California weather that I ran in for 2 weeks! But I made sure to hydrate well the day before.

I was super excited my friend Andria was coming to run with me too! I really didn't want to run what I thought was going to be a tough run alone. Plus I really missed running with friends while I was in California!

The run started out well. Andria asked me about my trip...and I didn't stop talking until we were finished running! It was the fastest (not in literal time but in the run being finished) run I think I've ever done because talking about my trip made it go by so fast! Poor Andria...I don't think I let her talk at all lol! She was super sweet about listening to all my excitement about California!

And was the run hard? No! All the talking I did made me not even realize I was running and running in the heat! That's my kinda run lol!

After the run we stood in my driveway and talked even more! I think we talked another 45 minutes after the run lol! I love having running friends!!!

QOTD: Do you like to talk to friends while you're running? Or would you rather listen to others talk?



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