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Friday, June 20, 2014

Fitness Friday...June 20th Edition!

Happy Friday! After our plane got cancelled and we had an 8 hour wait until our next flight which also got delayed by 40 minutes...we finally made it home around 3 am early Wednesday morning! It was a rough day of traveling. By the time we got home we had all been awake for 24 hours! So we are still experiencing jet lag around here!

I will say that waiting in the airport for 8 hours with two little boys is no fun! They were so bored! And I got pretty bored too!

It's time for Fitness Friday! I almost broke the streak this week! My plan on our travel day was to run a mile once we got home. My plane was supposed to land at 4:57 PM and then we would drive home 3 hours from the airport and be at home no later than 8:00 PM. But because our earlier flight got cancelled our plane didn't land until 11:30 PM and then we had to drive home. I was super upset about breaking my instead I ran my mile in the airport terminal! I got some crazy stares but I don't care! The streak still lives on!!! :-)

  • Friday-3.11 mile run in 28:48 average pace 9:15
  • Saturday- 1.02 mile run in 9:27 average pace 9:13, 13.33 mile bike ride through San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Sunday- 1.03 mile run in 9:25 average pace 9:11
  • Monday- 3.11 mile run in 28:58 average pace 9:18
  • Tuesday- 1 mile run in the airport terminal
  • Wednesday- #plankaday 1:05, 1.25 mile run in 11:01 average pace 8:48

  • Thursday- #plankaday 1:06, 1.25 mile run in 11:15 average pace 9:00

Weight loss the past two weeks: 2.7 lbs.
Weight loss total: 20.6 lbs.

The running went great this week! I'm so glad I was able to keep my run streak alive! Although my Garmin didn't pick up the satellites in the airport terminal I made sure to run at least 10 minutes to be sure I got in a mile (I normally run my mile in the 8-9 minute range). 

I miss running in California though. Every morning the temperatures I ran in were in the 50's! It was so nice! When I returned home and ran on Wednesday the heat and humidity hit me like a ton of bricks. It may take a while to get my body acclimated to the heat and humidity again. :-(

I am sooooo proud of my weight loss while I was in California and on vacation!!! I tried my hardest to make good food choices. But I also ate some of the yummy stuff that I probably wouldn't normally eat too. I just tried to control my portions. And it worked! I lost 2.7 pounds over the two weeks that I was in California! I'm very pleased! And I hit the 20 pound mark!!! And another milestone...I now weigh 2 pounds less than what I weighed when I got pregnant with Hayden (my first child)!!! That's amazing to me because I was so healthy then! :-)

I'm hoping to run at least a 5-6 miler this weekend. I'm still so tired from traveling! This jet lag is no joke! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

QOTD: What was your best run or workout this week?



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