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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Disney Day 5...Magic Kingdom!

Day 5 of our Disney vacation was spent at Magic Kingdom! We got up really early this day so we could make it in time to watch the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show. If you've never experienced is a must at least once in your life! Mickey and the gang ride in on the train and welcome you to the most magical place on earth! It's so awesome! And are one of the first into the park. We took a few castle pics and then headed straight to Mine Train. We waited about 5 minutes to ride it. Then we got off and got back in line! We waited about 10 minutes this time. So awesome! We didn't get to ride Mine Train again after that because it was always about a 70-90 minutes wait. So getting there early was totally worth it. Enjoy our magical day at Magic Kingdom in pictures!!! (Warning: this post is very long because of all the pictures I took and the inability to leave some out lol)

QOTD: What is your favorite thing at Magic Kingdom?



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