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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Disney Princess Weekend Day 3...Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom!

After the Princess 10K it was time to play! We got all showered and then met all the other MSM Princesses for a group photo. Several of them had fundraised for OHOH and we wanted to get a picture of all the princesses and send it to Kayla. We also made a video of all of us holding hands and praying for Kayla. Such an incredible moment and even though I didn't fundraise I felt so honored to be a part of that prayer!


Jenny and I with sweet Grandmary!

And Leigh!

And Kristin LOVED my Starbucks ears and said they were perfect for me!!! I loved them too!!! 

After pictures we were starving and ready for some lunch! We decided to head to Hollywood Studios and eat a sandwich from Starring Rolls Cafe! So yummy!

Picture borrowed from Tracy! Hopefully she doesn't mind!

After lunch we headed to the Star Wars Launch Bay! This area was new and wasn't there when I visited last summer! I was sad because I knew my boys would have LOVED it! So I Face timed them while we waited in line to see Chewbacca!!! 

And then I met Chewy!!!!! He was awesome!!! And I LOVE this picture!!!!

We even took a selfie!!! :-)

On the way out I had to take a picture for my Millennium Falcon obsessed Hayden!!!

Super fun! Outside Star Wars Launch Bay there were Storm Troopers walking around! boys would have loved it and wanted to stay there all day!

Next we decided to head to Magic Kingdom!


Our first stop, after selfies with the castle, was to see Tinkerbell! She was the cutest thing ever!!! She talked to us about our race! And she had so much energy...just like you expect Tink to be!

After visiting Tink we all needed to use the restroom. We headed to the bathrooms in the Crystal Palace. As we were leaving we caught a glance of the inside of the janitorial closet. Y'all! It was amazing! There were pictures and Disney stickers and paraphernalia from years and years ago. The lady that worked in the restroom came over to us and asked how we liked her closet. She was the sweetest thing ever! She had been working there for 43 years and shared so many of her memories with us! Her name is Ms. Curlie and she blessed us immensely! Be sure to stop by and say hello to her next time you use the Crystal Palace ladies room! was Starbucks time! And the Starbucks in Magic Kingdom is my favorite Starbucks in the world! They were so sweet and wrote the nicest thing on my cup!!!

Since we were already on Main Street and it was almost parade time we decided to hang out there and watch the parade! 

Kristin and Dorothy joined us! And we took a few pictures while we waited too! 

The Festival of Fantasy parade did not disappoint! I love it each and every time I see it! And of course seeing Ariel meant more this time since she was the theme of the weekend!

After the parade we entered the Emporium for some shopping! I bought a new Alex and Ani bracelet!

It was here that Erin and her sweet Zuzu met up with us! I hadn't seen her in person in years and it was so good to see her and meet her precious girls!!! I also got to meet her hubby later that day too! They are a precious family!!!

Jenny and Erin were excited to meet each other for the first time after being online friends for awhile!

Next we decided it was time for a snack! We all wanted Nutella waffles! And I do believe it was the BEST thing I've ever eaten y'all! Soo amazingly delicious!!!

We hung around and talked for awhile and then we went and sat on the grassy area in front of the castle! What an amazing view! 

And yes...we even laid down in the grass! It was so peaceful and relaxing! Just what we needed the day before a half marathon!!!

It started getting a little chilly and late. We knew it was time to head back to the resort so we could eat our pizza and get ready for the race the next day. But first I needed a picture in front of the castle with my new Princess jacket!!! I LOVED it!

We headed back to the resort. We had decided to just eat pizza there at Pop Century. That's what we all wanted for dinner anyway and it was easier than trying to tackle the crowds at any restaurants. Plus it was way cheaper! One large pizza fed all 4 of us! And the girls were super sweet and ate mushroom and pepperoni with me!!! The pizza hit the spot! 

After dinner it was back to the room! We had a super early wake up! I got everything ready!

And then it was time for bed! I had wishes for a good night's sleep! I was so tired!

Stay tuned for the recap of the Princess Half Marathon!!!

QOTD: What is your favorite snack at Magic Kingdom?



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