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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Princess 10K Recap...2016!

Don't forget to read my recap of the Princess 5K!!!

It was another early wake up! I think we woke up at 3:15AM! Yikes! I didn't sleep great...but I never do at Princess.

We woke up and the first thing we all wanted was coffee! It's hard waking up that early y'all! Thank goodness we had a Keurig in our room! That coffee was so good!

And this is how we felt about waking up so early!

But once the coffee hit I started getting excited! It was day 1 of the Glass Slipper Challenge!!! And the 10K is one of my favorite distances!!!

We got ready and met all the other MSM Princesses in the lobby for some pictures! Jenny and I loved our matching outfits!

We made sure to get a few group pictures of all the princesses running the 10K!

We must have lingered too long in the lobby because when we headed outside to catch the bus there was a super long line! It seemed to take forever to get on a bus! 

Finally we loaded a bus. But it was a Disney transportation bus and not a charter bus like you normally ride to runDisney events. I'm thinking they must have needed more transportation and had to call in more buses or something.

I think having to wait was all in God's plan though. Because on our bus was this little girl named Courtney Boyle. She was there with her Dad and Mom. Her Dad would be running the race with her. Courtney is amazing because she is the first ever to participate in a runDisney race in a wheelchair! Her parents fought for her to get to participate...and runDisney allowed it! So awesome!

Her story is so incredible and inspiring! And the amazing friends I have all decided to create a cheer tunnel for her to go through as she exited the bus! Amazing! We were all in tears!

After the weekend Courtney's Dad wrote about their experience over the weekend and even mentioned our tunnel and how much it meant to them. 

Don't ever think God doesn't use you! What started out as a stressful morning for us because the bus line was so long ended up being such a blessing for us...and the race hadn't even started!!!

So we were off the bus and walking towards the family reunion area. We took a few pictures!

Again...this race starts right in the Epcot parking lot so we didn't have to walk far to make it to our corrals. Before we knew it we were in corral A and ready to go!!!

Disney again started us off with fireworks! So magical! 

The first mile is through the parking lot and out onto the road. We went under an overpass and at the top were Anna and Elsa! I didn't get a picture (I got one last year) but it was beautiful! was actually snowing! More Disney magic!!!!

We then turned right and headed up an overpass...and slight hill. Around mile 2 was the first character stop....Tinkerbell and her friends!!!

The line wasn't too long. We got our picture and as we ran off the boy fairy told us to "Fly safe!" Love it!!!

Around mile 3 and right before we entered Epcot we found Pocahontas and Meeko!

Then we entered Epcot...the best part of the race! We entered the World Showcase and right away there was Pinnochio and Jiminy Cricket!

When we made it to France we were super excited because there were Cogsworth and Lumiere!!! We got in line and they started walking away! We were told they would be back but it would be about 10 minutes. Well...we couldn't wait for that. So wish we had been able to get a picture with them. 

I was excited though because Marathonfoto ended up getting several pictures of us running in Epcot!!! 

Around mile 4.5 we entered the boardwalk area! I love this part too! And we found the Genie from Aladdin there! We got a picture with him at the 5K but couldn't resist another one!

Around mile 5.5 we left the boardwalk and entered Epcot again! We were headed to the finish! It was here that Jenny and I started searching for Minnie Mouse. That was where she was last year. But we never found her. :-( We DID find Sophia the First though and I just HAD to take a picture with her for my preschoolers!

Before we knew it we had passed Spaceship Earth and were on our way to the finish line! Spaceship Earth was so beautiful all lit up!!!

And then we were there! The finish line was upon us!!!! It had all gone by way too fast!!!

We finished with an official time of 1:04:16! Not too bad with all the picture stops we made!


We got our amazing medal! It was gorgeous!!! And the volunteers were so awesome!

We were also given a water, Powerade, runDisney snack box, and banana just like the day before.

We had several finisher pictures made since we had bought the Marathonfoto package!

After finisher pictures we headed to see which princesses were out! We found Aurora! She's my favorite so I had to get a picture!

Then we loaded the bus and headed back to the resort. We stopped for another picture in front of this cute display!

It was another fun runDisney event! I LOVE the 10K because you get to run around the World Showcase and the boardwalk! It's so fun and so pretty!

It was two races down....and one more to go for the Glass Slipper Challenge! 

Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend...

QOTD: Have you ever runDisney? What is your favorite race?



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