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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Weekly Chase #167!

Happy Monday y'all! I'm on Spring Break so no work for me!!! Yay!!!

I had a busy but super fun weekend! It started on Friday as we traveled to New Orleans for the Crescent City Classic 10K! You can't travel without Starbucks you know! So that was our first stop!

We made it to New Orleans and went straight to the expo and then to dinner with the other CCC10K bloggers! I'll tell you all about it in another post!

Saturday morning we ran the race! We had so much fun! And's worthy of its own post so stay tuned! I WILL show you a picture...since our outfits were so cute! ;-)

Sunday we went to church all dressed up in our new Easter outfits! I LOVE Easter!

After church we went to Andy's sister's house for Easter lunch! And we got these three precious boys together! So cute!!!

That evening we had Easter dinner with our friends! We ate, we talked, the kids had an Easter egg hunt, we took a walk, and we played dominoes. So fun!

Now it's time for the Weekly Chase! It's a new week and I have new goals to achieve! I hope you will link up your own goals with me too! And feel free to use the badge below in your post too! You can grab the badge HERE! :-)

Road Runner Girl

Here are my goals from last week!
  • Goal #1: Run every day! Yes! I hit day 674 this week!!!
  • Goal #2: Roll, stretch, and ice daily. Yes!
  • Goal #3: Maintain my weight by logging my calories. 90%. I didn't log everything while I was in New Orleans or on Easter. But I was aware of all I was eating.
  • Goal #4: Move 11,000 steps or more each day this week. Yes!
  • Goal #5: Run at least 1 run under 2 miles. Yes!
  • Goal #6: Finish Easter shopping. Yes!!! It was such a relief to get this done!
  • Goal #7: Pack for New Orleans. Yes! Although I waited until the very last minute lol!
  • Goal #8: Fuel and hydrate for the Crescent City Classic. Yes for the most part. I didn't eat a whole lot the day before the race and I could tell around mile 5 of the race. 

Here are my goals for this week!

Every week goals:

Goal #1: Run every day! 
Goal #2: Roll, stretch, and ice daily. 
Goal #3: Maintain my weight by logging my calories.
Goal #4: Move 11,000 steps or more each day this week.
Goal #5: Run at least 1 run under 2 miles.

Goal #6: Have fun with my boys during Spring Break! This is my main goal this week! I want the boys to have a good time especially since we aren't going on a vacation and just hanging at home. Hopefully I can think of some fun things to do with them around here.

So that's my plan for the week! I plan on spending lots of time with my boys!

I hope you have a great week crushing your goals!

QOTD: What goals are you chasing this week?



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