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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Princess 5K Recap...2016!

This was my first time ever running a 5K in Disney! Usually I just run the bigger races. But I was looking forward to the 5K! It was sure to be a fun time as everything always is in Disney!

The wake up call wasn't as early as normal. We woke up at 3:45AM. Not all of the Princesses in our group were running this race. But the ones that were all wore mermaid leggings to go along with The Little Mermaid theme. I have to admit that we were pretty cute!!!

Before we headed to the bus we took a quick picture of our mermaid legs!

We also woke Leigh up for a quick picture! She wasn't running this race but she woke up and wished us a great race!

We took a few more pictures (aren't our mermaid leggings just the cutest??!!) and then we loaded the bus!

Princess roomies!!!


It was a short bus ride and then we were at Epcot! We stopped for another quick picture. We didn't realize that Spaceship Earth was in our picture until afterwards! So pretty!

We walked towards the start area. Security was checking each and every bag which I loved. I felt really safe! 

Me and Jenny with sweet Grandmary! She is so precious! I LOVED getting to know her during Princess weekend!

I also really enjoyed getting to know Katie this weekend! She's so sweet!

Time flew by and it was time to head to our corrals. Luckily this race starts right in the Epcot parking lot so you don't have to walk 20 minutes to the corrals. Jenny and I were super excited to be in corral A! We worked so hard to qualify for our corrals at Princess!

We made it to our corral and tried to get as far up front as we could. We also saw our fellow MSM Princess Lisa Marie in the corral! She ended up running most of the race with us which was super fun!

Before the race started they brought out Ariel and Eric!!! They were so cute! Ariel kept brushing her hair with a dinglehopper!!! Precious!!!

Before we knew was time to start! Disney does it big like always and there were fireworks at the start! You can see the smoke from the wheelchair start in the picture above.

The 5K course is through Epcot. The first mile is through the parking lot. It's here that we saw our first character stop! And it was GOOFY!!!

A little after mile 1 we entered Epcot! It was still dark. The lights were so pretty!!! And I love that they light the torches for the races!

Right away we saw Chip and Dale!!!

Next up was Daisy and Donald Duck!!!

And then the Genie from Aladdin!!!

We also saw Sebastian from The Little Mermaid! This guy playing him was too cute! 

Hanging out in front of the Nemo ride were these beautiful sea creatures! I'm assuming they were supposed to be corral??

All too fast we were running by Spaceship Earth and to the finish line. The race was over!

We crossed the finish line with a Garmin time of 32:53! This race isn't timed so I had to rely on my Garmin. Not too shabby a time considering all the picture stops we made!

Another fun part of this get a medal! It's made of rubber but it is soooo cute! I love that it had Ariel on it!!!

We also received water, Powerade, a banana, and the runDisney box full of snacks. The best thing in the snack box this year was Goldfish crackers! So sad they no longer give out the cheese and crackers.

We also made our official finisher picture!

We then headed to the character area to see who was out! IT WAS SEBASTIAN!!! I was so excited!!!!

He was super cute and Jenny and I gave him a kiss!!!

Right after seeing Sebastian, Katie found us! We then got in line for Ariel and Eric!!! While in line Dave came up! I was super excited to see him and of course we had to take a traditional Dave picture!!!

We were almost to the front of the line to see Ariel and Eric....and Ariel left!!! WHAT???!!! We decided we were going to wait until she came back. We kept letting people get in front of us. Of course most everyone else wanted to wait for Ariel too. We decided while we were waiting that we would take a picture with Eric too. I'm so glad we did because he was hilarious! He asked us if we'd had "these legs for long." "Did we run a long time in them today?" "They were still working on Ariel's legs!" I was dying y'all! So funny! And I love how Jenny and I are looking at him with such a dreamy expression and Katie is over there like just smile y'all! So funny!!!!

Not long after Eric left...and then Ariel came back out!

After this we had started to get pretty cold! We were shivering and decided it was time to head to the bus! I love this picture of us all wrapped in our mylar blankets!

We got back to the resort and we were starving! So we headed to eat in our mermaid pants and all!!! It was soo yummy! The perfect ending to a great race!

I normally do NOT like 5K's. But this one was so much fun! I only wish it had lasted longer! Of course at this point I had two more magical runs ahead of me!

Stay tuned for more Disney recaps!!!

QOTD: Have you ever run a 5K at Disney?



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