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Friday, April 2, 2010

I LOVE McCoy's!!!!

I just got home from McCoy's! Joe Sims is awesome! He remembered me from a few weeks ago and was really concerned that my shoes weren't working. He took my Nike's back and swapped them for a pair of New Balance 760's! Yes, he totally swapped them free of charge although my Nike's were worn and a little dirty from running outside!!! I couldn't believe it! He said he was going to make sure I was put into the correct shoe...he told me to try the New Balance ones (only on the treadmill) and if they were still hurting me to come back and we would try a different shoe until we got it right! I am so happy! I really hope these new shoes work! I just want to run...pain and issue free lol!

Here are my new shoes (not as pretty as the Nike's but that's ok as long as they work)!



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