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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week 8...

Yep I am in week 8 of C25K! Of course, I haven't been following the program anymore...been running beyond that. But for all of you that want to know what the schedule is for week 8 here it is: Run 28 minutes all 3 days!

I ventured out this afternoon to run! It wasn't a planned run...I was planning on running tomorrow but my hubby asked if I was going to run and I didn't hesitate and said, "Yes!" So I decided to run 5K since my race is coming up on Saturday. I will not lie...this was a hard run for me tonight. My mind kept telling me I wasn't going to make it. And I kept arguing back that if I stopped I would be sooo disappointed in myself and that I COULD do it! And I did it!!! I didn't give in and I kept running! I knew my distance for 5K because I had tracked it in my car last week. I was curious to see if my Nike+ would be correct since I calibrated it the other night. I looked at my watch when I started and stopped running just to make sure too. The Nike+ was pretty accurate!!! It went over a little in my distance but that is because I couldn't get the workout to end...I kept hitting the wrong button and resuming or pausing the workout lol! Regardless, I am VERY proud of my time! I ran 3.18 miles in 31 minutes and 27 seconds....a PERSONAL BEST for me!!!! That is an average of 9:53 min/mile!!! Now I KNOW why I was struggling lol! I was running faster than ever! Woo Hoo! I hope I can do that well on Saturday...I am a little nervous because Saturday's race route has a few hills. But hopefully I can conquer those hills no problem!



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