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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 7 Day 2...or 3.5 miles!!!

Yep that's right...I ran 3.5 miles tonight! It was actually an accident. I drove the distance I wanted to run (3.1 miles) earlier in the week but forgot my stopping point. So I ran by my time. I ran 3.1 miles on Tuesday in 37 minutes. So I was aiming for about 36-37 minutes thinking that would be 5K. Boy was I wrong! After my run I hopped in my car and drove my was 3.5 miles! I never meant to run that far but I am pumped about it! And here is the next kicker...I ran that distance in 36 minutes and 54 seconds!!!! Woo Hoo! Andy calculated it for me and said I was running an average of 10:44 min/mile!!! I am in awe that I ran that fast...I have been averaging about 12 minutes a mile. So it was a GREAT night of running for me!!!



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