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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Indigo Joint Relief System Review and Giveaway!

Disclaimer: I received this product free to review. I received no other compensation. All opinions in the post below are mine and mine alone!

As a runner injuries are going to happen. I've had my fair share of them including shin splints, hip and IT Band issues, and knee issues. Part of recovering from an injury involves ice and heat therapy. Ice and heat therapy are two of the oldest healing methods. They help the body's natural healing systems. Ice and heat therapy are two of the most efficient and natural ways to speed up healing and handle pain. 

I was excited to learn about the Indigo Joint Relief System
"Our FDA cleared system and patented technology delivers targeted hot or cold therapy and lightweight support to provide effective joint pain relief resulting from arthritis, physical exertion, obesity, bad knees, aging, post surgery, and more."
Their products include ankle relief, neck relief, back relief, knee relief, elbow relief, and wrist relief. Since I've had several knee injuries they sent me their knee relief system!

The knee relief system includes the knee brace, 2 heat pods, and 2 cold packs. They also sent me some extra heat pods and cold packs! 

I tried the cold packs first. I had run a pretty hilly route and knew the ice would be great for my knee. It was really easy to set up. You had to squeeze the cold pack until you heard a pop. Then you shook it for 30 seconds. It was amazing how cold it got so quickly! Then you slipped the cold packs into each side of the inside part of the knee brace and you were ready!

Setting up the heat pods was just as easy. You slipped the heat pods into the dock openings on the outside part of the knee brace. These were like magic! They just started heating up immediately! 

The knee brace itself was really comfortable to wear. It wasn't confining at all. Before you order you must measure around your knee so you will know which size to choose. Mine fit perfectly!

My favorite thing about the Indigo Joint Relief System is the convenience of it. When I travel to races I don't always have access to a freezer for ice packs to ice my knees. With this system you don't need a freezer to keep your ice packs cold or a microwave for heat therapy. 

Here are some more benefits of the Indigo Joint Relief System per the website
• FDA cleared class 1 device ensures safety and effectiveness
• Noninvasive, convenient system makes it easy to use anywhere: at work, at home, on the go
• No need for microwaves, freezers, or other power sources
• Reduce the intake of pain pills
• Eliminate the smell and greasiness of transdermal patches and topical creams

Make sure to check out Indigo Joint Relief System online at their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

Now the fun part...would you like to win your own Indigo Joint Relief Knee System? Here's your chance!!! 

Enter below using Rafflecopter for your chance to win (please follow all the guidelines...I will be checking)! Good luck!!!



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