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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Fever Chase 10K Recap!

I signed up for this race about a week before the race. I love this race but usually I am in the middle of training for a half (which I am currently too) and need to run a much longer run. I decided since my half is in 2 weeks that I could go ahead and start tapering and run this race!

The night before, I decided on what to wear. I wanted something springy since it was called the Spring Fever Chase! I chose my Mums in Bloom skirt from (which you can use the code "roadrunnerskirt" for 15% off a skirt)! I usually wear a blue shirt with this skirt but it has a touch of orange in it so I decided to be bright and wear an orange shirt with it! It went perfectly with my Neon Orange Bamr Band too! And my blue Asics even color coordinated with my it!!!

Since this was a local race for me I didn't have to wake up too early. I was meeting Holly so we could ride together. On the way there it was raining! No!!! I did not want to run in the rain! But luckily when we got there the skies cleared and the rain stopped!

Holly still had to pick up her race bib so we did that and then jumped into the porta potty line. My coffee (that I normally don't drink before a race) was going straight through me! In line we took a few pictures of the start line. This race always has a balloon arch at the start line...although usually the balloons are much prettier colors.

This course is super hilly. I knew going into it that I may have to walk some of the hills because I wasn't really trained for them. But I was ready to run anyway! I was hoping the extra calories the day before had fueled me well for the run.

We started out running on a road that overlooks the bay. This course is beautiful! It was flat until about half a mile in...and then the rolling hills began! It was also a bit humid since it had just rained. When we got to the first water stop I had to grab a cup. I was already pretty thirsty. This race did really well with the water stops! They had plenty!

What was so NOT right was when we had to run right through the food area of the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival! They were already cooking to get ready for the festival and had a table full of funnel cakes set up! Oh my! Super hard to resist! It smelled so good!

The course went through several neighborhoods. People were out on their porches and in their yards cheering us on! It was awesome! And we even saw some pretty awesome signs along the route too!

Despite the hills, I felt amazing the entire race! I felt strong! And when the finish line was in sight I had enough energy to sprint up the hill (yes the race finished on a hill)! I also heard some of the sweetest sounds friend Paige was at the finish line cheering with her boys! It was nice having some one there! And Paige even got these pictures of me sprinting to the finish line!

My Garmin time was 1:07:40. I remember seeing 1:07 on the clock when I ran through the finish line. But later when I checked my official results they were listed as 1:08:06. I then read on the Facebook page that the timing company had messed up the times. So I'm going with my Garmin time!!! ;-)

As always, I had a blast running this race with Holly! And the race gave everyone who finished a ribbon!

After the race my hubby brought the boys to me and we walked around the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival with Paige and her boys! We had fun!

QOTD: Does it feel like spring where you live? Or is it still like winter?



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