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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weight Loss for a Runner is Tough!

I feel like my main topic right now is how many calories I'm eating and how it affects my runs! This weight loss thing is a lot harder than I thought it would be...but for different reasons than I thought.

I expected to feel hungry. Since I had been eating such large portions I know I have stretched my stomach out and it has to shrink back down.

I expected to not be able to eat my favorite not-so-good for you foods (ahem, pizza and Oreos)!

I expected to be running to the bathroom more due to my increase in water.

I expected to make healthier food choices.

What I didn't expect was how hard it would be to balance the amount of calories I need on the days I run. And on the day before my long run.

I've been experimenting with the calories on the day before my long run. I've learned that I may need more calories on that day. And I need more carbs (I know some runners don't believe in carb loading but it works for my body). tradition of eating pizza the night before a long run can remain alive! (oh yes I am happy about that!!!)

My friend from work sent me this the other day and it made me laugh so hard!!!

I'm struggling with the days that I run a short run.

Let's talk numbers! I'm using the My Fitness Pal (MFP) App to help me with my weight loss. When I first made weight loss a goal I used MFP to help me determine how many calories to eat in a day. I didn't want to totally shock my body so I told MFP that I wanted to lose at least 1 pound a week. I also said I was lightly active (because I am on my feet a good part of the day as a teacher and because I only run 3 times a week). Based on my age and current weight my calorie goal is 1380.

1380 is pretty fair. If I make healthy choices (which is part of my goal too) then I can stay in this range easily. Since I started this journey (been doing it for 2.5 weeks) I've only gone over my calorie goal once...and that was the day before a long run so I went over with the purpose of fueling for the run.

The days that I run are a different story. On those days I burn anywhere from 300-400 calories (long run days I burn over 1000 calories). So even if I eat 1380 calories that day...I'm only netting 980-1080 a day! Is that bad? Am I supposed to re-eat all those calories I just burned???

I know that if you eat too many can't lose weight. But if you don't eat enough won't lose weight either because your body will think it is starving and store those calories as fat. So on the days that I run does my body think I'm starving myself because I've only net consumed about 1000 calories???

It's all so confusing lol!

Now I also know that I shouldn't focus on calories mainly. I should mainly be focusing on eating healthier foods. Well counting the calories has helped me do this!

I HAVE to have a plan people! Just like with running...I have a training schedule...with weight loss I need a plan!

I will say that since I've started this I feel great! Not overeating makes me have a happy tummy! And...I've lost 4.7 pounds so far! :-)

I know that with everything, this is a learning process. I have to learn what works well for my body.

QOTD: Any weight loss tips for me as a runner?



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