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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Mile and Eggs

1 mile/9:22
Average pace- 9:16

Day 4 of #RWRunStreak! I think getting up early is killing me more so than the running. I hate getting out of bed!!! This morning's mile felt great! I was even able to push myself best pace was 8:03! Now yes I probably only held that pace a tenth of a mile lol! Of course I know if I was running for distance I wouldn't even attempt this pace. But I'm hoping doing some speed work with these streaking miles will help me get a little faster!

I read an article online yesterday from Runner's World Magazine that talked about eggs being one of the best foods for a runner.  I ALWAYS crave eggs after a long run!  During my first full marathon training, my sweet hubby always made eggs for me when I got home from those super long runs.  It seems to be what my body needs after tons of miles.  Well, reading this article makes me understand why I crave eggs!  The article says there are "five reasons to crack one open:"

Sunny Side Up

1. "TO SLIM DOWN."  Yep I like this one!!!
2. "TO PROTECT (YES, PROTECT) YOUR HEART."  I'm always for whatever will help my heart!
3. "TO FIGHT INFLAMMATION." Oh I really love this!  Especially when you are running long distances!  I need all the help I can get to keep my muscles healthy!
4. "TO MAINTAIN BONE STRENGTH." I love this too!  Because as women we are more prone to brittle bones and my granny had osteoporosis so I really need to take care of my bones.
5. "TO KEEP YOUR VISION SHARP." I know how important it is to see...I starting wearing glasses in the first grade.  I got Lasik done 11 years thing I've ever done!  But I want to keep my vision as sharp as it can be!

So eggs basically ROCK!  Go read the Runner's World article yourself for more detailed explanations behind their five reasons to eat eggs.

QOTD: Do you crave anything after a long run?



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