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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Getting HOT Out There! Tips for Running in the Heat

Let's face's summertime and therefore it's HOT outside!  I live in the south so it's super hot!  Our lows are (if we are lucky) in the 70's and highs may be in the 90's but feel like they are in the 100's.  So running during this time of year can be risky if you don't follow some tips.  These are MY tips/opinions and what I do to help beat the heat.  Because I do NOT want to end up like this guy!


1. HYDRATE!  HYDRATE!  HYDRATE!  Drink plenty of water!  Since I run mostly in the morning, I make sure to drink plenty of water the day BEFORE I run.  Don't try to cram it all in right before you run because it's not going to have time to hydrate your body AND you will end up having to pee during your run lol!  I am usually hydrated so well the day before that I only drink a sip of water before I run. 

2. Run in the early morning.  Although I hate getting up early, I love running early.  It's the coolest part of the day since the sun has not been out and it's a great way to start your day. 

3. Wear light colored, loose fitting, and sweat wicking clothes.  No black in the summertime because the dark colors absorb the heat.  Loose fitting clothes will help you feel the breeze as you run.  And sweat wicking clothes keep the clothes from sticking to your body.  There's nothing worse than being hot and having your clothes stick to you.

4. Don't cover your head completely.  You lose a large portion of heat through your head so if you are going to wear a hat, wear a loose fitting one or a visor with the top cut out of it so the heat can escape your body!

5. Slow down.  Yep that's what I said.  The heat puts a strain on your system...your heart beats faster in higher heat because it's pumping more blood to help your body cool off.  Just face the fact that you will not be able to run as fast in the summertime as you can in the cooler seasons.  You will have plenty of time in the fall to speed up! 

Use your common sense when running in the heat.  If it seems too hot to run outside, run on the treadmill.  :-)

QOTD:  What are your tips for running in the heat? 



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