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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Running With Friends & Hatfields and McCoys

Stats- 3 miles/29:47
Average pace- 9:55

Day 3 of #RWRunStreak is done!!! What a great run! I wasn't expecting a lot out of this run because my legs are sore from the squats I did yesterday. Plus, two of my friends were meeting me to run and they are faster than me. I warned them I wouldn't be able to keep up...but guess what? I kept up!!! I'm very proud! And my legs didn't hurt as bad as I thought they were going to and they weren't as heavy as they felt yesterday. Maybe I CAN do this run streak thing! :-)

On another anyone watching the new mini-series the "Hatfields and McCoys" on The History Channel? 

I'm usually not interested in "western" type stuff but my hubby had to watch it!  I didn't pay much attention to it the first night.  But last night he told me I had to watch it with him.  He caught me up on the story (which I have the first night recorded on my DVR so I can go back and watch it) and I started watching with him.  Let me tell you I am hooked!  And a little shocked that it's a true story!  Wow!  So much violence! 

QOTD:  What do you think of the show "Hatfields and McCoys?"



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