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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kat's Birthday Run!

4 miles/43:23
Average pace- 10:50

I haven't gotten up early for a mid-week run since the marathon.  But today I wanted to get up for my friend is her birthday and the plan was to run one mile that led her to a surprise breakfast picnic!  She was surprised and it made it all worth getting up early! 

Katrina...the birthday girl!!!

There were a lot of us up early to celebrate Kat's birthday with her!

After a light breakfast I decided to go ahead and finish out my run.  So I ran 3 more miles.  It's amazing how much cooler it is in the mornings!  I've gotten used to running in the afternoon heat!  I have forgotten what I like most about running in the starts your day off right and you have your run done!  It's a great feeling!  :-)



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