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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Shoes Run!

3.11 miles/34:19
Average pace- 11:02

I haven't ran in two weeks!  I took recovery time after my half marathon.  I was so ready to get back out there and run!  I also got some new shoes...hate getting used to a new pair of shoes! 

The shoes are the same as my old ones...Asics GT 2170 but these are the GT 2170 G-TX which means they are made to run in the rain in.  They didn't have my regular ones so I was assured these are just the same as my others.  I really like the pink laces!  ;-)

My feet went a little tingly at first but I think I may have had the laces too tight.  It also feels like the left shoe is a tighter on my foot.  Hmmm.  Hope the shoes are ok.  The run itself felt awesome though!  So glad to be back at it!!!


  1. Love the shoes... I have the grey and purple ones! Pink is on my radar now :)

  2. I'm in my 2nd of 3 wks, no running, after the Blue Ridge marathon. I can't wait to get back at it, but the recovery is important for my mind and body.




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