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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Route...Yay!!!

4 miles/41:18
Average pace- 10:20

I headed out tonight planning on running the same route I always run.  But then mid run I decided to change it up...and I'm so glad I did!  It's always so much better to see new things on your run!  When I first started out I passed my friend Coby.  We used to be neighbors....her and her husband were the BEST neighbors!  Around the mid point of my run...I ran into Coby again!  We had both run a big loop...towards each other!  So I turned around and ran back with her until we had to turn opposite ways.  It was nice literally running into a friend along my route lol!  It's a busy week for's the last week of school, Sawyer's preschool graduation, and my class' end of the year party!  I needed this run to clear my head!!!  :-)



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