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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Burpee Boom Challenge Comes to An End!

Oh I am kind of sad this challenge is over! I don't know about you but I have begun to like burpees! So much so that I am going to continue to do them. And I've heard from several of you that you are going to continue to do them too! Oh that makes my heart happy! :-)

Burpees have definitely made me feel stronger. I can tell that my core is stronger for sure. A few months ago attempting one burpee was horrible...I almost pulled an ab muscle each time I tried. So I am proof that these things work! :-)

I've enjoyed getting all of your calendars and seeing all the burpees you did!!! So proud of everyone that participated in my Burpee Boom Challenge!!!

Ok I know you are ready for the winners! There are two prizes up for grabs: the Nathan Triangle Hydration Pak and the "Yay Burpees" Sox from The Sox Box.

The winners were picked via random drawing by my sweet hubby!

Congratulations Ashley from My Life With Weight Loss and Christine Lesmerises!!!!

Please email with your mailing address so I can get those prizes out to you!!!

Thanks again to everyone who did burpees with me all month long!!! :-)

QOTD: What's your most hated exercise move?

Don't forget to enter my Armpocket Giveaway!!!



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