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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Taper Run!

Today was the last long run with my Sole2Soul Sisters Half Marathon training group. Bittersweet. These ladies have done AMAZING with this training! I am so blessed that God gave me the opportunity to lead them and share my passion of running with them. I cannot wait to see their faces after they complete their first half marathon next weekend!!!!

Today we ran 8 miles as our last long run!

The route I chose for them to run was the first 4 miles of the race course. It was very hilly. Then we turned around at mile 4 and encountered the biggest, longest, and hardest hill I've ever ran!!! I almost made it to the top before I had to stop and walk a bit. It was to the point where I could walk it faster than running it. Remember my tips for running hills? I used those big time today! Luckily that hill is NOT on the race course! Whew! And actually the race course was changed on part of the route we ran today isn't even a part of the course anymore. It's not a super hilly part though...we didn't get that lucky lol!

This run was a little challenging for me today with those hills but it ended up being a great run! The half marathon is next weekend and then marathon training for Disney begins!!! :-)

Today me and the hubby are heading to Auburn for the football game tonight! We are playing LSU and I'm pretty sure it's not going to be pretty but we are going to have a great time anyway! Win or lose I'm ALL IN and love my Auburn Tigers!!! War Eagle!!!

QOTD: What fitness activity are you doing this weekend?



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