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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Weekly Chase and Premier Protein WINNERS!

Ok I have some exciting news!!! I have TWO sub jobs this week!!! Yay!!!! I'm excited!!!'s time for The Weekly Chase! What is this? Goal setting! This was started by Melissa at Live, Love, and Run! Link up with us if you haven't already!!!

Here are my goals from last week:
  • Goal #1: Take my sub info to one more school. DONE! of the sub jobs I have this week! :-)
  • Goal #2: Do at least one household chore a day. I did so much better with this this week! Although I didn't get to one a day...I did get a couple done on two different days this week. Much better than I've done in the past. Can I just say that a clean house feels so good???
  • Goal #3: Do 2 strength training workouts this week. DONE! I did my Give Me 5 workout on Wednesday and an arm workout on Friday! Yay!
So here are my goals for this week:

Goal #1: Get all my stuff tagged and priced for the consignment sale. Yes I'm doing another sale! Although I sold a lot of my stuff in the last one...I did have a few things left and I'm going to try to sell them in this one. Everything has to be dropped off by Wednesday morning at the goal is to get it all done today and drop it off tonight.

Goal #2: Get all my runs and workouts in this week. Last week I missed one of my short runs because I felt like my body needed a rest day. This week...I'm on it! It will be a little more challenging since I'm working two days this week.

Goal #3: Read my son's Sunday School Bible verse with him everyday. Hayden is supposed to read one bible verse everyday for Sunday School. We only did it half the days this last week. If he reads them all he gets a prize. I love that he wants to read his Bible and want to help make this a routine for us both.

So there are my goals for the week! Hopefully I conquer them all! And please wish me luck on my two subbing days this week!!! :-)

Are you ready to know the winners of the Premier Protein prize packs? I'm so happy that I get to pick 5 winners!!!! Thanks to everyone for entering!!!

Congrats!!! Please email me at with your mailing address so you can get your Premier Protein prize packs!!!

QOTD: What are your goals for the week?



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