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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Turkey Trot Fun Run!

Thanks so much for all the encouraging words on yesterday's post! I had a great run yesterday morning! My knee didn't hurt at all during the run and the hip was just a little tight. I go back to Dr. Justin this afternoon and hopefully he will continue to let me run! :-)

This past Saturday I was supposed to run the Turkey Trot 5K here in town. The main reason I signed up for this race was because my sons' Cub Scout pack was having all the boys and their families sign up. I signed the boys and Andy up for the fun run and signed myself up for the 5K. At the time I wasn't injured.

Several people asked why it is called the Turkey Trot and is in October. Well this race is for the Prodisee Pantry. They use the funds to buy turkey dinners for families in need for Thanksgiving. So they hold the race early so those families will have their turkey dinners. It's really an awesome cause!

We woke up Saturday morning to gorgeous weather! It was cold the 40's! That is perfect running weather and I was itching to run! But I made the decision to only do the fun run since my knee was hurting.

I was so excited because Hayden was going to do the flag ceremony with Cub Scouts before the race! He carried the flag out, all the runners said the pledge of allegiance, and then Hayden carried the flag away. I was soooo proud of him!

Then we got to see the runners take off! It was really cool being on the sidelines and watching the start of the race from that point of view!

We had about an hour before the fun run started so we walked around trying to stay warm. This race had a ton of vendors set up so we went and checked them out before we headed to the start line.

And of course we got a family picture! I loved seeing us all with race numbers on!!!

 Finally it was time to head to the start line. We were one of the first to get there. The boys were excited about the start line!!!

We were ready to run...and walk! ;-)

The gun went off and we all started running! After about 30 seconds the boys were ready to walk lol! It went that way the rest of the mile. But we were having fun anyway. Andy and Hayden kept trying to beat each other. Hayden didn't want Andy getting in front of him so he would run ahead. It was fun watching them have so much fun! Sawyer had fun too....until he fell. :-( He didn't hurt anything but the tears started flowing. Finally I got his mind off of it and he started running again. It didn't take long and we saw the finish line. Sawyer shot off and beat us all! He was so proud that he had "beat the whole family!!!" I LOVED seeing and hearing his excitement! We all got ribbons for finishing the fun run. The boys were super proud...and I was super proud of them!

It was a blast doing this with the family! I hope we will run many more fun runs together in our future!

QOTD: Do you and your family race together?



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