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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family Fun at Fort Gaines!

My boys are fascinated by old forts! We've been to several of the forts here on the Gulf Coast. Fort Gaines was still on our list to visit! Saturday was a gorgeous day here on the Gulf Coast so we got in the truck and traveled about an hour to Dauphin Island to see Fort Gaines. What better way to spend the day then to be outside AND learn about some of our area's history?

The entrance to the fort! The boys love all the canons!

We entered the fort and then into the gift shop. It cost us (family of 4) $20 to enter the fort. Then we entered the courtyard. The boys oohed and aahed when we first saw the fort!

We immediately looked at our map and started following the self-guided tour. We went up tons of stairs and down tons of stairs. There were a ton of "secret spots" that were a little scary to enter. They were stairs that you would go down and they would lead you to a room or to the courtyard. The stairs were steep and small. But we conquered them all despite our my fears!

My boys going down the stairs!

Some of the stairs leaded to rooms like these. And Sawyer wanted pictures in almost all the windows lol!

Like most of the forts here on the Gulf Coast this one was built close to the Gulf of Mexico. The views of the canons, the fort, and the Gulf are amazing!

We even got to see several dolphins playing in the water!

We explored tons of rooms like this one.

We got to see the bakery, the blacksmith shop, the quartermasters offices, and the kitchen. We even saw the 10 seat latrine. It was fun explaining that to the boys! And they got a kick out of hearing how when it was high tide the water would come in and flush out the "potties!"

A really cool part of this fort were the volunteers they had! They had people dressed up in the clothes from the Civil War area. This lady told us all about the medicines they had and the herbs they used as medicine. She was super nice!

We also got to visit the kitchen area and taste bread and cookies that were made with the ingredients they used back then. This one lady told us all about washing the laundry. And she even let Hayden wash some!

This sweet little girl told the boys all about the games the children played back then...after all their chores were done of course. Sawyer had fun talking to her!

We had a great time visiting Fort Gaines! I think this one was one of my favorites!

QOTD: Do you ever visit Forts? Which ones are your favorite?



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