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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8 Miles With Friends!

Saturday was another long run day! I'm currently training for my next half marathon and training with my Sole2Soul Sisters! I love running with friends!

This run was an early one though. We were starting at 5AM so that meant a 4:30AM wake-up time for me. Yuck! I'm always ok though once I get out of the bed lol! I was excited about this run so I was ready to go! After getting dressed and eating a waffle for fuel I was on my way!

We had about 20 ladies running with us that morning!!! Some were running the full 8 and some were only running 5. The run started out great! I always try to run a little slower in the beginning so that I will be able to kick it up a notch at the end.

We were running a route that I haven't run in a long time. And it is out in the country! I love seeing the fields and cows and horses along the side of the road while we run! And starting early means I got to see the sunrise!

Our route was an out and back so here I am at our turn around point!

Normally I wear a hydration belt on runs longer than 6 miles. But since I've lost so much weight mine is way too big and falls off of me lol! So I'm trying to run without it. I relied on the water stops we had set up!

I was feeling great the entire run! It was hot, humid, and I was sweating buckets but I was still having an amazing run! Before I knew it I made it to the last water stop...and only 1 mile left to go!

See the cows in the distance?

I ended up picking up my pace the last mile! I love having lots of energy at the end of a run!!! I finished with a time of 1:24 and an average pace of 10:31!

I'm so blessed to have such an amazing group of ladies to run with! And you can't forget our mascot Cody! Yes this dog runs whatever distance we are running! He's ran up to 16 miles with us!

After the run I went home and got showered. Then I met Holly for brunch at Cracker Barrel! I got the Good Morning Breakfast...which is only 390 calories! It was delicious!!!

Half Marathon training is in progress....and it's going great!!! :-)

QOTD: Do you run long runs alone or with a group?



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