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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fitness Friday...August 1st Edition!

It's already August??? I can't believe it! We have two more weeks until school starts. I've got to get busy this next week decorating my preschool classroom! I'm excited because this year I will be teaching the 4 year old class instead of the 3 year old class! It's going to be quite the change but I'm super excited about it! And I'll be getting some of my former students and that makes me so happy! I had the sweetest class last year!

This week was  pretty busy. We did get in a family walk one afternoon. I love living on the Gulf Coast! We have such great places to walk! And we have the most beautiful sunsets!

We also did a lot of shopping this week. I got a brand new swim suit (the one I bought at the beginning of the summer is too big now) and we bought several things for my classroom. We also did our weekly trip to the Farmer's Market for some fresh fruit and veggies! We got some yummy squash and Hayden helped cook it! It was so good!

We also fit in one of the summer movies. We saw "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" this week! It was super cute! We had not seen this one yet so we really enjoyed it!

It's time for Fitness Friday! I'm excited to tell you about my runs this week! The hip seems to be doing better. It's still a little sore but it isn't getting any worse and I don't feel it at all when I'm running or walking. I DO feel like my hip may be out of alignment a bit so I may schedule a visit with Dr. Justin (my sports chiro) to get adjusted.

  • Friday- #plankaday 1:15, 2.03 mile run in 17:57 average pace 8:51

  • Sunday- 2.05 mile run in 18:40 average pace 9:06
  • Monday- #plankaday 1:05, 1.61 mile run in 14:26 average pace 8:59

  • Tuesday- #plankaday 1:15, 3.12 mile run in 28:07 average pace 9:01

  • Wednesday- #plankaday 1:05, 1.60 mile run in 14:01 average pace 8:45

  • Thursday- #plankaday 1:05, 3.11 mile run in 27:29 average pace 8:50

Weight loss this week: 1.8 lbs.
Weight loss total: 27.6 lbs.

Running was great this week! We had a couple of mornings where the temperature was in the 60's and the humidity was about 80%! That's unheard of here on the Gulf Coast in July! It was so nice! And due to that amazing weather...I had a 5 second 5K PR on Thursday! It wasn't a race but I still count it! :-)

The weight loss is still going steady! I was amazed I loss 1.8 pounds this week! The DietBet is still going strong too! I'm having so much fun hosting it! I already want to host another one! :-) You have a few more days left to join if you want to have fun losing weight and win money too! Join HERE!!!

Tomorrow I have an 8 mile run on the schedule with my Sole2Soul Sisters! It's an early run...5AM! Yikes! But it will be worth running with friends! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

QOTD: What was your best run or workout this week?



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