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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Beachy 10K!

This past weekend we stayed out at the beach. So my long run and #RRGRunStreak had to happen at the beach! I know what you are awesome to get to run at the beach right?'s definitely very pretty...but it is about 10 degrees hotter and the humidity mixed in with the salt air is so not fun! But I was determined to get it done! I made sure to wake up early enough to try to beat as much of the heat as I could.

This scene was gorgeous! It was worth being hot and miserable!

The sweat hadn't started pouring yet in this picture!

The first mile and a half led me into the historic Fort Morgan. I've run here many times but it never gets old!

Of course once I reached the Fort I had to turn around. I usually go out the same way I came in. But this time I decided to take one of the side gravel roads. I had to watch my footing here because of the rocks. But it was a nice change. And it looked like I was running straight towards the sunrise for a bit!

This road took me right in front of another part of the Fort...Battery Dearborn!

From this point I headed back on the main road. But then I saw a side street that headed towards the beach so I decided to take it. It lead me straight to the sand!

Then I turned back around and headed back to the main road. This is where I started to struggle. It was soooo hot! It was soooo humid! I was soooo thirsty! We WERE under a heat advisory so it wasn't a surprise that I was struggling. Luckily I knew that in the back of my hubby's truck was a cooler of waters. So I kept telling myself to make it to the condo parking lot and I could get some water.

I reached mile 4....and the parking lot! I grabbed a bottle of water out of my hubby's truck and I drank the ENTIRE water bottle!!! Usually I only drink a few ounces of water during water stops. But my body needed that full 16 ounces of water!

I headed back out knowing I only had to go 1 mile and then I could turn around and run a mile back to make my total of 6 miles. The water refreshed me a bit so I didn't struggle as badly those last 2 miles. But I will say that I was so happy when my Garmin reached 6.2 miles!

The best part about running at the beach? Stretching on the beach after the run! I love stretching and listening to the waves and seagulls! So peaceful!

QOTD: Are you ready for fall temperatures? 



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