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Friday, September 5, 2014

Fitness Friday...September 5th Edition!

Happy Friday! It seems like this week flew by since it was only a 4 day work week! Am I just getting older or does time always seem to fly by lately?

We had a great Labor Day! It started with a 4 mile run with my friend Andria! was Day 100 of my RUN STREAK!!! I never imagined I would be streaking this long! I am still loving it! Around lunch time we headed to my sister Christy's house for some tacos, baby Ella time, and Mario Kart! We had a blast! And I am loving the cute little personality my Ella Bella is developing! Her first birthday is this month...I can't believe she is already a year old!!!

The rest of the week involved school and work! And the boys had a dentist appointment with a new amazing dentist this week...Dr. Trey! He is wonderful and the boys loved him! He even talks in Mickey and Goofy and Donald voices which put him at the top of my list! ;-)

Now it's time for Fitness Friday! This week I had several milestones in my running! Not only did I reach 100 days of my run streak, I also ran a 5K PR Thursday morning!!! Yay! I continued to wake up early for my runs this week and I'm really enjoying it...once I get out of bed and on the road! ;-)

  • Friday- #plankaday 1:15, 2.06 mile run in 17:20 average pace 8:24

  • Sunday- 2.06 mile run in 17:32 average pace 8:30
  • Monday- #plankaday 2:01, 4.05 mile run in 40:13 average pace 9:56 (and day 100 of #RRGRunStreak!!!!)

  • Tuesday- #plankaday 1:05, 2.10 mile run in 17:35 average pace 8:22

  • Wednesday- #plankaday 1:11, 2.08 mile run in 17:40 average pace 8:29

  • Thursday- #plankaday 1:10, 3.11 mile run in 26:03 average pace 8:22 (A NEW 5K PR!!!!!!!)

Weight loss this week: 0.2 lbs.
Weight loss total: 31.8 lbs.

Running went great this week! I was so excited to reach 100 days in my run streak! And no...I'm just not ready to stop streaking I'm going to keep going! I also had no clue about my 5K PR yesterday morning until I looked down at my Garmin after the run! I was so shocked that I had run that fast!!!

Weight loss this week was almost nothing. I DID have a pretty big loss last week so I'm guessing that's part of the reason this week wasn't much. It's definitely getting harder to lose. 

Speaking of losing DietBet is now happening!!! And it's not too late to join in! Labor Day has come and gone and that means summer indulging is over! So why not join my DietBet and get back on track for Fall? It's time to slim down in September! Join HERE!!! 

This weekend my half marathon training plan calls for 7-8 miles. I am in taper mode. My next half is NEXT WEEKEND!!! Yay! I'll be running my long run on Sunday this weekend instead of Saturday. My friend Paige is doing her first triathlon on Saturday and I'm going to be there to cheer her on! She's been working so hard and I know she's going to do GREAT! 

Everyone have a great weekend!!!

QOTD: What was your best run or workout this week?



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