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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Get-A-Grip Invitational Gymnastics Meet!

My 7 year old son Sawyer had his very first gymnastics meet this past weekend in Birmingham, AL! He was so excited! He's been on the gymnastics team for a year and has worked so hard for this day! The boys team at our gym is a brand new team. I'm so glad he is a part of it! His coach is amazing and you can tell he loves what he is doing!

Since this was their very first meet they learned a ton! Even the coach learned a lot and I know he will be prepping the boys with the new knowledge for their next meet in January.

Here he is about to walk into his very first meet! Can you tell he is excited??!!

Here Sawyer is with Coach Justin!

And yes...he had to endure the pictures that a Mom must have! ;-)

Be prepared for lots of pictures...and video!

Stretching before the meet began!

First up: RINGS! Score: 8.3 Place: 3rd

VAULT! Score: 8.5 Place: 4th

POMMEL HORSE! Score: 5.5 Place: 5th

And unfortunately we only got video of his pommel mushroom and not the pommel horse part (which was the best part)!

HIGH BAR! Score: 6.4 Place: 5th

FLOOR! Score: 6.7 Place: 5th

PARALLEL BARS! Score: 7.2 Place: 5th

He did AMAZING!!!!! I'm so proud of my little gymnast!!!

And he even got BLING!!! He brought home 7 medals! At this rate he will have more medals than me in no time lol!

Getting a medal for one of his 5th place events!

3rd place! He got to stand on the podium!!!

4th place!!!

QOTD: Do your kids participate in any sports? Did you participate in sports when you were a kid?



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