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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#RnRNola Training Week 2!

Currently training for:
Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon (use code ROADRUNNERGIRL for $10 off the full and half or ROADRUNNERGIRL10k for $5 off the 10K!)
Disney Glass Slipper Challenge
Seaside Half Marathon

This week 5 miles was on the schedule! I was super excited about this run because Andria was coming to run with me! It has been forever since we've ran together and I was so looking forward to seeing her!

I wasn't too nervous about this run because I hadn't felt anything in the calf all week. I was hoping it would be like that for 5 miles too.

I was also excited about my run outfit lol! Andria bought me some Olaf socks and we were planning on wearing them! Hey...a girl can be excited about the running clothes too! ;-)

I planned the route to take us downtown. That is one of mine and Andria's favorite places to run!

The run started out great. It was a little chilly at first but we got warm real fast. Before we knew it we had made it to mile 1! Andria and I joked about how much faster a mile goes by when we are running together! I think I talked her ear off lol!

Before we knew it we had made it to mile 2.5 and our turn around point. This just happened to be at City Hall. There was a gorgeous Christmas tree and we just had to stop for a picture!

The Christmas parade in our city was the day before and we could still see some of the remnants from it. The city also brought snow in for the kids! Of course we had to take a picture by the snow too...even though it was pretty melted by that point!

Then it was time to head back and finish the last half of our run. I kept thinking I would eventually feel some tightness in my calf but I never did!!! Before I knew it...we had reached 5 miles!!! I did it! And with NO CALF PAIN!!! Yay!!!

And the new Garmin still has no idea what I can do lol! I had logged my longest run yet with it!

It wasn't my fastest run but that was ok. Dr. Justin said to take it easy and that's what I'm doing. I don't want to get injured again. I have too many races coming up! :-)

I'm so glad Andria ran with me! The Dynamic Duo is back!!! :-)

QOTD: Have you ever heard of a city bringing in snow? Or is that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard? Lol!



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