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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#RRGRunStreak Day 200!!!!!

Yes! Today I reached day 200 of my Road Runner Girl Run Streak (#RRGRunStreak)!!! I am in awe that I have made it this long!!!

I keep getting asked the question of how long I'm going to streak. My goal is to reach a year! Hopefully I can achieve that! :-)

To commemorate 200 are a few of my most memorable streaking moments!

Streaking across the country in California!

I went to visit my best friend in California this summer and streaked for two weeks there! The weather was amazing compared to where I live. No humidity and the temps were in the 50's almost every morning!

Running 1 mile through the airport terminal so my streak would not end!

On the way home from California our flight got canceled. We ended up having to wait 6 hours in the airport for a flight. This would result on us not getting home until after midnight. I thought my streak was going to end...until I decided to just run in the airport terminal...with Delta's permission of course! I got some really strange looks but I didn't care!

Having to slow way down for wildlife crossing!

One morning I was running a 5K through a nearby neighborhood and had to let these guys cross the street!

Running between thunderstorms and in rain!

When you are streaking you do whatever it takes to get that run in! I've waited in the car for an hour watching the radar so I can run in that window of no storms. I've run in rain and even in flash flood warnings.

Being "yelled at" by a crawfish!

One of those mornings when I was running between thunderstorms I came upon this little guy on the sidewalk. He was not happy to see me and had his pinchers high in the air in attack mode!

Running at the beach multiple times!

We stayed at the beach several times this past summer. I wasn't going to end my streak because I was at the beach! I enjoyed the different scenery but not the extreme humidity.

Running through Fort Morgan!

While we were staying at the beach I also took my run out to the Fort! It was awesome running through there!

Multiple sunrises!

One of my favorite parts of running every day are the mornings I get to watch the sunrise! Gorgeous!

Running a 19 minute PR at the Talladega Half Marathon!

The first half I ran after losing all my weight and streaking I ended up running a 19 minute PR! I was on top of the world that day! Especially since my hubby was there to see it!

Running 12 miles on the causeway!

I will probably never do this again. It was super dark when we started and the traffic was pretty crazy. It was definitely a scary experience until the sun came up. But the scenery was gorgeous and running with my friend Andria made it worth it!

Running my first sub 2 half marathon!

1:57:24 to be exact!!! I couldn't believe I ran a sub 2 at the Gulf Coast Half Marathon! It was an amazing feeling because I never dreamed I would ever run that fast!

Running back to back 5K's and placing in both of them!

I ran the Trick or Trot 5K on Friday night and got a 5K PR of 25:23 and third place in my age group! Then on Saturday morning I ran the Turkey Trot 5K in 26:56 and got second place in my age group!

Running a 10K PR on my birthday!

On my birthday, November 1st, I ran a 10K race and PRed! It was a great way to start off my birthday celebration! This was also the last long run I ran before having to deal with my calf strain injury.

Runs with my hubby!

Andy has run several 1 milers with me! I think my streak has made him want to try this running thing some too!

Continuing my streak despite a calf strain injury!

After all of those race PR's I think my body needed a break....enters in an injury. I struggled with calf pain for about 2 weeks before giving in and going to see my sports chiropractor. Luckily he let me continue to streak during treatment...but I could only run 1 mile. I was fine with that because at least I didn't have to end my streak! And it has gotten so much better and I've since been released from treatment and told I could continue training...but slow. 

I'm sure I have many more memorable runs during this streak thus far but this post is already getting too long! 

What did I do to celebrate 200 days of running? Well...I ran 2 miles for 200 this morning! :-)

Thanks for reliving some of my memorable streak moments with me!

QOTD: Have you ever done a run streak? For how long?



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