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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Goals for #RnRNola Half Marathon!

I can't believe my first race of the year is on Sunday! Yes I'll be toeing the line at the Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon! This race isn't new to me. I've run it the past 4 years! I've run both the marathon and half marathon course. And this year they added a new 10K distance! So there's a race for everyone!

Highlights of this race:

  • Flat and fast course
  • Lots of entertainment along the course
  • Huge expo
  • Running in New awesome city!

Since my calf strain injury I've had to really ease back into my training slowly. I normally would train a little longer for a race but I didn't have the time to do that due to the injury. So I did what I could. My last long run was 10 miles last weekend. Normally I run a long run of 12 miles and then the next week I run a taper run of 8 miles and then the next weekend would be the race. Well...there's no taper run for me this time. Or a run longer than 10 miles. Hopefully my body will do well and will remember what a half marathon is lol! 

This race was originally going to be my attempt at a sub 2 half marathon. But since I achieved that in October it's no longer a goal. It's a good thing too since I feel like my pace has slowed down some due to my decrease in mileage while healing from my injury. 

I LOVE how my blogger friend Kathryn from From Dancing to Running writes A,B, and C goals for her races and I decided to do the same on my blog for my races this year. So here are my goals for Sunday!

Goal A: Finish the race with a PR. This means I would have to beat my 1:57:24 time from October's Gulf Coast Half Marathon. I don't really feel like this goal is realistic right now. My long runs have been good but my paces have been averaging in the 9:30's not below 9 like it would take to beat this PR. 

Goal B: Finish the race in under 2:05. This goal is a little more reasonable. My long runs have been averaging the pace I'd need to meet this goal. 

Goal C: Finish the race in under 2:10-2:15. I know this is broad. But it's that goal I want to achieve in case something happens during the race. Like injury or a day that I'm just not feeling the run. We all have those days. 

Who knows what will happen come race day? My main goal of every race is to have fun and finish injury free and with a smile on my face! 

If you're interested in my recaps from this race the past 4 years, here they are!

Half Marathon in 2011 (this was before the race name was changed..the name was Rock 'n' Roll Mardi Gras then) 
Full Marathon in 2012 (my first full marathon!)

QOTD: Are you running Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans? What is your favorite Rock 'n' Roll race?



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