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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Special K Brownies!

Even though I try my best to eat healthy most of the time I still get the occasional sweet tooth. I still crave cookies (soft warm ones are my downfall) and cake. And those foods are loaded with calories! So when Special K sent me their new brownies it made my day!!! Because these babies are only 80 calories!!! Win!

A few facts about Special K Brownies:

  • Only 80 calories
  • Come in two chocolately flavors: Heavenly Caramel and Divine Fudge
  • Made with real cocoa, chocolate or caramel chips, and drizzled in chocolate fudge on top

Sometimes all I need is just one tiny taste of something sweet. I don't need a lot. I just need a little. Just enough to satisfy that craving. That's what I LOVE about these Special K Brownies! The serving size is just enough. It's not huge where you feel guilty after eating it. These brownies are the size of the palm of your hand. That's just the right size!

I know you're wondering about the taste. I was a little skeptical at first. Requirements for my brownies are that they are soft. Did these meet that requirement? Absolutely! I was surprised how soft and chewy and moist they are!

My favorite flavor is the Heavenly Caramel! I love anything that's chocolate and has caramel in it!

These brownies are the perfect snack to go with an afternoon cup of coffee!

I highly recommend Special K Brownies when you are in need of an indulgent snack that is perfectly proportioned so you don't over indulge!

Be sure to follow Special K on Facebook and Twitter for more great snack options and products!

And you can find these Special K Brownies in grocery stores nationwide!

QOTD: Which flavor brownie do you want to try the most? What is your favorite indulgence?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K.



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