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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

5 Hot and Humid Miles!

Well since I went on vacation to Disney, it has been two weeks since I've run anything over 3 miles. So I was ready for a longer run this weekend! After talking to Jenny and Andria, we decided to run 5 miles!

As soon as I stepped outside the humidity hit me full force. It was super super humid and hot. I knew that was going to make the run harder than normal. But we were still going to give it our best!

It seemed from the very start of the run that I was struggling to breathe. Luckily with three women there is lots of talking going on to distract you from the run! :-)

We were running my favorite route that leads to downtown! I just love this route and all the different scenery! The road in the picture below has beautiful houses!

We made it halfway and stopped for a few quick pictures in front of City Hall! I love this fountain in front! was an excuse not only for pictures but for a quick breather. I'm telling you...that humidity was no joke y'all!

Finally it was time to head back home! It was so hot and humid! But we made it! We ran those 5 miles and got it done!!!

And then I have to laugh at our watches. Andria stopped hers at mile 4 and Jenny forgot to restart hers. So we all had something different! Pretty funny!

My sweet hubby took this picture of us after the run. You can see how sweaty we all were! It really was super super hot and humid!

So thankful for these amazing ladies!!! They make running so much more fun!!!

QOTD: How do you deal with the heat and humidity? Do you keep running, take a break, or take it inside?



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