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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Four Magical Miles (+2) Virtual Race Recap!

Disclaimer: As a Gone For a Run ambassador I was given a complimentary race entry. No other compensation was received. All opinions are mine alone.

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This past weekend I had 6 miles on my training schedule. It was also time to run the Four Magical Miles Virtual 4 Mile Race by! So I did what any runner would do....I ran the race and then just added the extra 2 miles I needed for Glass Slipper Challenge training! Perfect!

Jenny and her hubby came to run with me! I always love running with them because we talk the entire run and it makes it fly by! 

The weather forecast called for really cold temps and 20 mph winds! I was really nervous about that wind. Wind makes it so much tougher to run!

I woke up to a feels like temperature of 22 degrees and only 13 mph winds. That was a little better than 20 mph!

I dressed in layers because I knew the wind would make it even colder. I even wore what my hubby calls my "ninja mask" so that I wouldn't be breathing in the cold air. Last year I got bronchitis from running in the cold so I'm trying to prevent that this winter. 

We started running. It was definitely chilly out there. But I was dressed perfectly. Now Jenny got too hot in her layers and peeled off her jacket at mile one lol! 

This run flew by! Before I knew it we were at mile 4 and headed home! Luckily the wind wasn't too bad! Or I just didn't notice it because we were talking so much lol! 

We made it to 6.2 miles (because I can't stop at 6 when I'm so close to a 10K) and took a few quick selfies with Jenny's husband Eric. He was going to run 2 more miles so he kept going. 

Jenny and I headed back to my house. We were happy with our 10K run! 

I love my "ninja mask!" It makes running in the cold so much easier!'s pretty fun!

Jenny and I went inside to warm up while we waited on Eric to finish his run. Warming up means coffee of course! And we love drinking out of Mickey and Minnie mugs!!!

And even better....getting a medal after my run!!! And this princess LOVES this magical medal!!! It's so pretty!!! And I love the pink touch screen gloves too!

I just LOVE the virtual races by! Be sure to check out all the virtual races they offer! There are some really cute ones!!! 

QOTD: Do you like to run virtual races?



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