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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Glass Slipper Challenge Training Week 7!

Currently Training For:
Double Bridge Run 15K
Disney Princess 5K
Disney Enchanted 10K
Disney Princess Half Marathon

Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon (Use the code ROADRUNNERGIRL15 to save $15 off)

This week was a rest week so I only had 6 miles on the schedule. Jenny ran with me! Yay!

We decided to run from her neighborhood. 

Y' was COLD outside! The feels like temperature was 36 degrees with 8mph winds. So I did what any normal person would do...and wore layers!!! I was cold!!!

Well as soon as I saw Jenny I couldn't help but laugh! I was in tights, a tank top, a jacket, a fleece hat, and gloves. She, on the other hand, had on shorts, compression socks, short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a visor, and gloves. LOL!!! We were dressed very differently! 

The run started great. But before we even made it to mile 1 (or even left the neighborhood) Jenny had already shed her long sleeve shirt! I was shivering just looking at her lol! 

I was quite comfortable in my layers and not willing to part with any of them!

This run was amazing! The whole run we just talked and talked! The miles literally flew by! Before we knew it we were at mile 5! 

As we reached mile 5 we saw our cow friends! They were so cute!!! I LOVE running in the country!

We said hey to the cows and then we were on our way to finish that last mile. We had to endure some wind but it wasn't too bad.

We kept our comfy 8:45 pace for this run! I was very pleased especially since I felt so great the entire run!

Just so you can see: here is Jenny!

And here is me! In my layers!

Despite our different wardrobes we both had a great run! But after the run as we were walking back home we were pretty cold!

So we warmed up with some Disney coffee! Don't you just love Jenny's Mickey and Minnie mugs??!! Unfortunately these are no longer available to purchase. I'll just have to go to Jenny's for coffee when I want to drink out of them! ;-)

It was another fun run and morning with Jenny! Princess weekend is coming up super soon! Yay!!!

QOTD: So how would you dress in 36 degree weather? Like me or like Jenny?



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