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Friday, June 17, 2016

Fitness Friday...June 17th Edition!

Happy Friday y'all!!! Can I just say that it has been miserably hot this week on the Gulf Coast?! The heat index has been over 100 on most days. And early in the morning it's been in the high 80's or 90's which has made for some really hot runs. There has been no way to escape the heat this week when running!

I also want to express my deep sorrow over everything that has happened in Orlando this week. I cannot even begin to imagine how the victims and their families are feeling after such tragedy. My heart broke when the singer Christine Grimmie was fatally shot. Then my heart broke even more on Sunday morning when I saw the news of the Pulse nightclub mass shooting. And then my heart broke again when I saw news of the 2 year old boy who was attacked by the alligator and later found dead at the Grand Floridian in Disney World. I don't understand what this world is coming to. I know the alligator thing wasn't caused by a person. But the other two tragedies were....and I can't comprehend how so much evil can exist. It seems like every single day I am hearing reports of someone being killed or shot by another person. It's horrific.

I'm praying for Orlando. I'm praying for all the people who have intentions to hurt another human being. I'm praying for our country. I'm praying for our world.

This week was a fun one! On Monday the boys and I had a low key day. We went grocery shopping and to the library. I LOVE to read and want my boys to love it as well. So I really try to encourage it. Here are the boys books that they picked! I love that they both picked nonfiction books!

And here's my pick! I've heard from several people that this book is so good! Have you read it? What did you think?

My hubby has had to work late every night this week. He has a major deadline at work so he's been trying to get everything completed for that. He's had dinner with us every night but then had to go back to work. :-( My friend Kirstin's husband is out of town for a class so she's been acting as a single mom also! After dinner on Monday we met at my favorite spot to take a walk by the bay!

We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area!

Tuesday we headed to the beach with Kirstin and Maddy! We drove to Pensacola because that is my favorite beach since I grew up there. We had to make a pit stop at the rest area for a bathroom break (too much coffee for the mommas)! Who knew there would be such photo opps at the rest area??!!

We finally made it to the beach! 

Well we had only been there for about a half hour and the lifeguards made us get out of the water due to some bad weather coming in. They said we could stay on the sand. Well then a few minutes later they made us clear the beach. We had to stay in the bathrooms or in our cars with the windows up. We were getting kicked off the beach lol! We waited in the bathrooms for about 30 minutes but it didn't look like the storm was going to pass over. So we got dressed and called it a day. As soon as we got in the car it started raining. 

But guess what makes everything better? Starbucks of course!!!!

And I absolutely LOVED what was painted in the parking lot!!! How cool is that??!!

That night I had a teacher workshop to go to. It was a great class! Especially because they gave us 6 new books for our classroom!!!

Wednesday was supposed to be rainy. It rained a little but not like what was predicted. We decided to go to one of the summer kids movies. It only cost $1! When we got there they had decorated for the Finding Dory movie that opens up this weekend! SO cute! We wished that was what we were seeing! But the dollar movie was Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was a great way to stay out of the heat! 

Thursday Sawyer had gymnastics. While he was at the gym Hayden and I went and had lunch with Kirstin and Maddy. We tried Tropical Smoothie Cafe which just opened in our city. It was yummy!

Then we shopped for our Father's Day Gift (which I can't tell you about yet)! After we picked Sawyer up from gymnastics we decided to go to the pool. We got all ready, put on our sunscreen, and drove to the pool...only to find that it was closed for a swim meet! The kiddos were so sad! So we went to get ice cream instead!

They still wanted to play in the water so I hooked up the sprinkler and had it aimed at the trampoline. They had a blast!

And look! We have our second set of baby birds in the birdhouse my Dad build for Hayden! They are so cute!!! And the momma bird is such a good momma!

Now it's time for Fitness Friday! My runs were tough this week due to the heat and humidity. But I didn't give up (although I wanted to several times) and kept the streak alive! 

  • Friday- 2.61 mile run in 20:52 average pace 8:00, 1.26 mile walk
  • Saturday- 6.22 mile run in 52:42 average pace 8:29, 1.57 mile walk
  • Sunday- 2.63 mile run in 21:19 average pace 8:06, 1.60 mile walk
  • Monday- #plankaday 2:05, 2.31 mile run in 18:21 average pace 7:56, 2.37 mile walk

  • Tuesday- #plankaday 2:05, 2.32 mile run in 18:26 average pace 7:56, 2.05 mile walk 

  • Wednesday- #plankaday 2:05, 2.07 mile run in 16:45 average pace 8:06, 2.37 mile walk

  • Thursday- #plankaday 2:05, 1.87 mile run in 15:23 average pace 8:14, 3.07 mile walk

Like I mentioned (several times lol) it's been super hot and humid this week. You walk outside and the heat hits you like a ton of bricks! But I managed to get in all my runs! And I got in a walk after all my runs too! That's one thing I love about not working in the summer!

We are supposed to get a break from the humidity on Sunday and Monday. I'm thinking about pushing my long run back to Sunday instead of Saturday. I'll just have to get up really early to get it done before church. So I'm still deciding. Also I may only do 5 miles this week. It's just too hot right now! I also know that slowing down will help some. I'm going to try really hard to slow down!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!

QOTD: What was your best run or workout this week? Is it super hot where you live?




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