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Friday, October 19, 2012

Fitness Friday...Marathon Training Week 3!

Well I will admit that I don't feel very fitness-y (yes I think I just made up that word) this week due to my decision to rest this week. But that's ok...I'm listening to my body and that's what counts. I will admit now...I am sooo looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday since I won't be getting up early for a long run. Is that bad to admit???

So here's my week of's scarce people!

  • Saturday- #plankaday 2:23, Wall Sit 1:30, #yogaaday Standing Forward Bend (yes I know I am sooo not flexible)

  • Sunday- #plankaday 1:00, Wall Sit 1:00, 13.25 mile run in 2:37:20 average pace 11:52, #yogaaday Corpse Pose (felt so good after running a half marathon!!!)

  • Monday- #plankaday 2:03, Wall Sit 1:04, #yogaaday Single Leg Bridge Pose in Shoulder Stand (yes as you can see I couldn't master this one!)

  • Tuesday- #plankaday 2:14, Wall Sit 1:31, 12 pushups

  • Wednesday- #plankaday 2:02, Wall Sit 1:38, #yogaaday Four-Limbed Staff Pose

  • Thursday- #plankaday 2:07, Wall Sit 1:41, #yogaaday Bridge Pose (yep still couldn't get this pose!)

  • Friday- #plankaday 2:09, Wall Sit 1:30, 1.5 hours of tennis, 16 pushups, #yogaaday Full Boat

So this week I've just done my planks, wall sits, pushups, and yoga (most days). I really focused on stretching and rolling my IT band too. And one thing I is no joke! It is hard!!!! I wish I could take a beginner class of some kind so I could learn more. Maybe one day. I subbed 3 times this week so my two days for tennis were supposed to be Thursday and Friday. Thursday got cancelled due to rain. 

Next week....I will start running again...and hope I'm out of my rut...and the hip is feeling a lot better! Have a great weekend!!!

QOTD: Do you know of any good beginner yoga websites that I can try?



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