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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Weekly Chase...Wicked Wallies and Marathon Training

Yesterday was my 10th half marathon....I cannot express how awesome it was to hear all of your words of encouragement and congrats on my Facebook page and twitter!!! You truly know how to make a girl feel loved!!! I promise I will get my race recap up this week...I'm still waiting on some pictures that my awesome friends took! :-)

Sorry I'm posting my Weekly Chase on a Tuesday instead of the usual Monday but yesterday was Foodie Pen Pals reveal day. I didn't want to NOT have goals this week so I am posting today. :-) Please please link up with Melissa at Live, Love, and Run for the Weekly Chase! I promise you will not regret it!!!

Here are my goals from last week and how I did:

  • Goal #1: Get all my homework done for my Bible Study. DONE!!!! I stayed on top of it and got it done! And I learned a lot! The Bible Study I am doing is Why Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore. I learned a lot about Satan last week and how he is out to get God's most prized possession...His children! Wow! Very scary!
  • Goal #2: Taper, hydrate, rest, and fuel for my 10th half marathon. Yep, yep, yep, and yep!!! I did really well with all of this! I even made a meal plan last week for dinner and that made life so much easier! And all my meals were carby lol!
So here's the plan for this week:

Goal #1: Continue to do my homework for my Bible Study as well as read Hayden's bible verse each night with him. I wanna make both of these routine!!! I really believe spending time with God is super important and I want it to be something that is part of my day no matter what. This is going to be a recurring goal until it becomes a habit!

Goal #2: Get all my runs in...because marathon training has officially begun! I DO plan on only doing 2 instead of 3 runs this week due to needing some recovery time from the half. But that's all the time I can afford because training for the Disney Marathon has begun!!! :-)

Goal #3: Every day do a wall sit and a plank. You all know I do my #plankaday. I am adding something new for the month...wall sits! Why? Because there is an awesome challenge over at Girls Gone Sporty called #WickedWallies! And you have a chance to win some cash!!! It only costs $10 to enroll and 75% of the proceeds will go to the Girls Gone Sporty Grant Fund (which will help women achieve their health and fitness goals) and the other 25% will go towards a cash prize for those who enroll!!! The chance to win some money and get healthier...count me IN!!! I've already enrolled and started my wall sits yestereday! Head on over to Girls Gone Sporty to learn more about the #WickedWallies October Challenge and sign up! Let me know if you sign up so we can encourage each other!!!

I'll be tweeting and Instagramming my wall sit times with my jack 'o' lantern picture from last Halloween! :-)

So there's my goals for the week...and some of them will continue for the month! 

For those of you wondering...I'm subbing 2 days so far this week! I'm very blessed that the subbing is picking up a little bit! Hopefully it will pick up even more! I'm loving it!!! And a special thanks to my wonderful in-laws as they are keeping my sick Sawyer today for me so I could sub! Poor baby has strep throat and is pitiful. That's pretty awesome grandparents right there!!! :-)

QOTD: What are your goals for this week?



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